About Us!
 Ayyat Companies was founded in 1980 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan    
 To meet the Jordanian market's needs of heads of sheep according to the international quality and standards. We have imported from the best countries of origin for sheeps such as Romania and Bulgaria .
  •  In 1996 we opened several centers in Mangulya and imported thousands of tons of meat to Jordan. We then opened a new branch of our company in Sudan to supply the Jordanian market with the chilled meat to the extent that the imports' rate has reached three planes a week each of which carries 40 tons of meat and bones. 
  •  In 2001, we established a company in Ukraine  as a further expansion to our group to breeding and fattening calves according to international quality standards and use of organic foods planted by our company Beauty Land .
  • The year 2004 has witnessed the establishment of a new company in Ethiopia and the opening of a collection of several centers for livestock in the State of Somalia as well to export to all countries around the world, especially Egypt, to open new markets there and the Arab World. 
  • In 2005 we have established our sea transport company specialized in the transportation of livestock, all types of livestock, where animals can be transported across the ocean and the seas safely and professionally. The company has owned 4 vessels that provide excellent service with reasonable price. Constantly we work on renew our vessels to meet the standard requirements of livestock transportation.
  • In 2010 Al Hisn for import and export has been added also to Alayyat Group, the new company works mainly in the livestock business. All livestock are imported to the company's quarantine in Hurghada by the Red Sea mainly from African countries. The quarantine is established according to the most modern and hygienic methods with a daily capacity of  300 cattle. The animals are Halal slaughtered and then being sold as frozen meat all over Egypt. The purpose is to deliver good quality at very competitive prices to the Egyptian consumer.
  •  We also have established a company in Egypt to supply the Egyptian market's needs of camels and calves, where we are covering approximately 30% of the Egyptian market needs of camels within the framework of our quest to meet all the needs of the Arab markets with its different interests.
  • We are Looking forward to achieving integration in activities and functions, the total production capacity of 5000 accelerated to keep pace with growing demand in the world market in general and the Arabic in particular.